Point Source LED chips

Epigap Point Source Chip

Point source LED chips are designed to form a parallel light beam eliminating any obstruction and dark spots. Available wavelengths are red (650 nm) and infrared (740 nm, 850 nm) with apertures of emitting area of Ø 25 µm, Ø 50 µm, Ø 100 µm and Ø 200 µm.


  • geometrically well defined light source for high accuracy applications
  • high reliability, long lifetime and high efficiency
  • improved pulsing / flashing speeds


  • encoders    
  • positioning
  • fiber communication    
  • distance and range finding indication
  • fluorescence analysis    
  • medical instruments such as endoscopes
spectral range
Ø 25 µm Ø 50 µm Ø 80 µm Ø 150 µm Ø 200 µm
red EOLC-625-19-10 EOLC-625-19-20  


infra red (850nm)     EOLC-850-19-80 EOLC-850-19-15  


monolithic display chips for optical systems

LED display chips enable to present numbers, letters and symbols. These display chips provide various functionality and information in optical instruments. Each segment is separately addressable.
Red color (650 nm) of these GaAsP based chips is visible at low currents, resulting in extended battery life in portable optical instruments.



  • emission color red (650 nm) with high brilliance and contour sharpness
  • small character size (line width typically 25 µm): 7-segment chip with overall height of 0.5 – 1.5 mm
  • low drive current supporting battery driven portable devices
  • customized layouts available from development to serial product (up to 30 segments per chip, multi-chip feasible)


  • binoculars  
  • spotting scopes
  • microscopes

EODC-660-19-02,  other designs on request