Photodiodes product overview
photo diodes in TO packages

In addition to our LED in the UV, visible and infrared spectral range EPIGAP Optronic GmbH offers a wide variety of photodiodes, from 150 nm in the ultraviolet up to 2600 nm in the infrared range.

These include large InGaAs photodiodes with an active area of up to 3 mm diameter. The InGaAs photodiodes have low dark currents and high sensitivity. In addition to the standard wavelengths of 800 nm to 1700 nm - as chip or in hermetic TO package - we provide the extended InGaAs photodiodes with increased sensitivity in the far infrared range of up to 2600 nm.

EPIGAP has a wide array of photodiodes in the UV range, based on materials such as GaN and SiC.

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ProductMax. sensitivityPackageActive areaResponsivityDark current
EOPD-280-0-0.3-2-1 280 nm TO-39 (TO-5) 0.055 mm2  0.13 A/W 1 fA
EOPD-365-0-1.4 365 nm TO-46 1.2 mm2  0.07 A/W 5 pA
EOPD-150-0-2.5 440 nm TO-39 (TO-5) 4.8 mm2  0.13 A/W 15 pA
EOPD-150-0-3.6 440 nm TO-39 (TO-5) 10.9 mm2  0.13 A/W 20 pA
EOPD-440-0-2.5 440 nm TO-39 (TO-5) 4.8 mm2  0.13 A/W 15 pA
EOPD-660-5-0.5 660 nm 5 mm 0.17 mm2  0.42 A/W 20 nA
EOPD-660-5-0.9 660 nm 5 mm 0.62 mm2  0.42 A/W 40 nA
EOPD-1300-5-0.3 1600 nm 5 mm Ø 300 μm  0.9 A/W 15 pA
Photodiode chips
ProductMax. sensitivityPackageActive areaResponsivityDark current
EOPC-1300-0.3 1600 nm bare die Ø 300 µm  1 A/W 0.3 nA
EOPC-1300-1.0 1600 nm bare die Ø 1000 µm  0.95 A/W 2 nA