We are developing custom Chip on Board and multi wavelength solutions.

Chip on Board means placing the dies directly on the PCB while contacting is performed with bond wires. Our CoB technology brings huge advantage in flexibility due to small position tolerances and high potential in heat dissipation management, miniaturization and integration.

Beside our optoelectronic components like led and photodiode chips we can also integrate any kind of necessary electronic (driver circuit, NTC, µ-controller etc).

The sensitive components can be protected by optical resin or glass cover.

We are developing custom test equipment with integrated measurement devices and software for quality control of optoelectronic components.

We are developing custom electrical control units for demonstration and testing of led components in different driving conditions.

Development of future technology

Together with leading universities, research institutes and industrial partners EPIGAP participates in research projects supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

  • Safelight: "Illumination system for the human eye based on LED"
  • "Multi spectral, fiber-based light source for highspeed hyper spectral imaging"

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